5 Animals With Superpowered Senses

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From the ability to see “invisible” types of light to the power to taste all over their body, meet five incredible animals whose super senses far surpass our own!
Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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    So the star-nosed mole get nosejobs? 😵

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    hello covid hair cut!

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    Michael’s my favorite scishow presenter... I mean I love the others too, but Michael’s the best🤷🏼‍♀️

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    Yooo that sweatshirt is awesome.

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    im so jealous of mantis shrimp. i want to see that stuff. also just going around in the ocean punching things? sounds fun

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    Sweet mullet!

  10. Leau_thegold
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    Catfish are bottom dweller that living in dark murky places

  11. edi
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    There's one thing that makes me wonder about super senses: I'm overly sensitive to some smells and that doesn't just mean that I can smell things from far further distances and for far longer than normal humans, but it also means that something that smells for you strongly makes me sick, or causes me to sneeze like mad... Having a million times more sensitive nose would be an utter nightmare! Even now, I can barely tolerate standing in the same room with some humans and one caused my sneeze reflex whenever she got close. Adding a factor 1000 or more would make me sneeze in the entire building. Similarly, how can it be that e.g. cat who have far better ears than us can sit on a loudspeaker?

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    He has a hoodie with his name on it.

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    I liked the bird that can see heat trailed rodents.

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    Why the hell do catfish eat anything and everything then?? 🤢🤮

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    If men don't wear makeup then why is their picture on money?

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    We need drug sniffing bears.

  18. Vicky Anderson
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    Fun fact: the mantis shrimp also has *trinocular vision in each eye*

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    Cut you hair muchacho 🤤

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    Awesome facts !! Sooo cool !!

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    I really want to boop the nose of the bear at 8:46. It might be the last thing I ever touch, but I have a feeling it'll be worth it!

  22. Todd Dockery
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    Love your videos! Have been watching Scishow for YEARS! A suggestion, Stop putting the thick red border at the bottom of you video screen shots. Looks just like the already watched line that shows up after you have watched a video. Just discovered I have missed a few that I thought I had already watched.

  23. carolina rombaldi
    carolina rombaldi
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    omg if i were to turn into an animal today it would be the catfish

  24. Peter Peterson
    Peter Peterson
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    A drug sniffing bear... can you imagine? lol 'Find the dope Whinnie, find the dope,' *bear proceeds with cavity search*

    Muaj më parë

    I learned more facts in a 10 minute video then 6 hours of school

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    Hey something I’ve been meaning to ask..... is dude getting fat 🤮 or getting ripped 😍???!

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    If your interested in this you should learn about the hammerhead shark, anyone reading this will probably like that

  28. Miranda Farmer
    Miranda Farmer
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    Imagine tasting, but in stereo...

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  30. Make Racists Afraid Again
    Make Racists Afraid Again
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    We're smart... but we miss a lot.

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    Michael is starting to look like Danzig.

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    Catfish are precious. I wish I could get the size of pond needed to properly care for one.

  34. totalfreedom45
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    Our senses are no match for the senses of the mantis shrimp, star-nosed moles, harbor seals, catfish, and bear. Evolution has given each species matchless senses and abilities. We humans have eight senses and a brain with *_100 billion_* neurons that put us on the Moon in 1969 and will put us on Mars by 2030, both of which aren't possible without science and math, its language. Music, math, science, and over 31,000 natural languages in 300,000 years are unique to humans. 💕 ☮ 🌎 🌌

  35. Alexi Xeno
    Alexi Xeno
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    I... I don't think I would ever want to taste with my whole body.... That would be quite horrible... ugh, tasting your socks after a day of hiking?

  36. giuliafelix
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    Now I'm convinced that my dog is part star-nosed mole. 🤣

  37. Tana Pram
    Tana Pram
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    The real superpower is living in an area so remote it hasn't been discovered by humans yet

  38. Tanya
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    Please tell me about liquid metal robot please please please

  39. Atte Gröhn
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    Frogs, whoever came up with the name frogs was right, they look like frogs

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    Dang, I haven't watched SciShow in a Long while now, and I'd totally forgotten how soothing Michael's voice is.

  41. Theresa P
    Theresa P
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    What's the difference between polarized light and the polarising that my glasses do for light to help me w my astigmatism?

  42. Tessa T
    Tessa T
    Muaj më parë

    A college buddy of mine, Prof. Ken Catania of Vanderbilt, is one of the foremost experts on star-nosed moles. He was the guy who did the research that led to the Guinness's World Record. His book is called "Great Adaptations." The best version is the E-book which has all sorts of links to films of the animals expressing their unusual adaptations.

    1. Pranav Flame
      Pranav Flame
      29 ditë më parë

      For some reason, both those names (the man and the place) sound made up. LoL

  43. Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez
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    When you believe in science, the world is an amazing, wonderful place.

  44. OTMGi
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    Thank you for keeping the same intro song for so long, I love it

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    That is pretty amazing!

  46. Existenceisillusion
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    The one sense humans are worst at is common sense

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    what can I say except...... it's free real estate

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    Michael looked like he's going to grab the mic and growl or sing "Blurry by Puddle of Mud"

  49. Cillana
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    Wow, that red-tail catfish has a big belly! Recent large meal I guess. 6:22

  50. crobatman 44
    crobatman 44
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    Why are mantis shrimps so incredible nature clearly plays favourites.

  51. Ethan
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    This is fascinating! How does one learn more about all of the senses that exist out there?

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    Really missing out on a golden opportunity here. Why isn’t there a host named “Sci-Show Bob”?

  53. Robin The Catboy
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    still so sad to hear that shrimp colors dont exist. now what am to use to describe what i feel when i listen to hyperpop?

  54. Bassotronics
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    But the vital question is: Can a catfish meow?

  55. Henrik Mathisen
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    1. Existenceisillusion
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      Go to prison and trade a carton of cigarettes for a 'shine job'

  56. sushanalone
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    Imagine if you could taste with your whole body and some one beside you in a crowded train farts.

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    Congratulations! ALfirst suggested me your Channel.

  58. Jesi Pohl
    Jesi Pohl
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    Some people can see polarised light. Veritasium or Physics Girl did videos on this I think.

  59. Todd Starbuck
    Todd Starbuck
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    Hone means to sharpen. To find something is to home in.

  60. Super Bungwe
    Super Bungwe
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    And touch

  61. Christopher G
    Christopher G
    Muaj më parë

    Animals have supersenses. Humans: "Okay, how can we copy that with technology?"

    1. Ilham Gamers
      Ilham Gamers
      27 ditë më parë

      XD oh my got you got me!

  62. J-em
    Muaj më parë

    Actually the Mantis shrimp may not even be able to see the same range of spectrum as we do. They have all those extra photoreceptors because each photoreceptor respond to a specific light signal, while our photoreceptors respond to a spectrum. This means, each photoreceptor is catered for a specific color which narrows their capability to see other colors that they may not have the photoreceptor for. Our photoreceptors meanwhile can mix and match signals creating a blend that increases the range of colors we see.

  63. Erick Gouw
    Erick Gouw
    Muaj më parë

    Cold snow ( Dry air ) make ur Nose more sensitive and improved your ablity to sense and smell .

  64. Enrico Maria De Angelis
    Enrico Maria De Angelis
    Muaj më parë

    This video is great, like any other on this channel, BUT: I think that the discussion on the sense of smell that was made for bears is misleading (just like almost any source you can find about "smell"). My or other animal's nose doesn't have superpower which allow it to smell something from distance. The nose smells what enters it, no matter what; just like eyes see the photons that hit the retina. Therefore, saying that the bear's nose can sense something from kilometers doesn't tell me much about how strong it is, because there could be just a nice wind which throws the smelly molecules in its face. I think that giving numbers in terms of "minimum concentration of smelly molecules in the air that they can smell" for bears, dogs, humans, would really be more useful. Great series nonetheless.

  65. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
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    This is frickin sick dude

  66. Glesus
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    I think we should train bears to sniff out drugs if they find enny people dont dare to do annyting to oppsett the bear

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    You can't consider yourself cool until you wear a hoodie with your name ;)

  68. srwapo
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    Knowing about the Guinness Book of World Records business model, I'm now curious about who paid to say that the star nosed mole is the fastest eater and why.

  69. Nico
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    Catfish's are bottom dwellers that live in dark murky places... Places like tinder you mean? :D

  70. danny obrian
    danny obrian
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    Sometimes I wish my sense of smell wasn't as strong some people make you gip n wretch the smelly xxxxxx

  71. Water Under The Bridge
    Water Under The Bridge
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    I wonder if you could confuse the heck out of a mantis shrimp if you pointed a polarized light source at one while spinning it

  72. Water Under The Bridge
    Water Under The Bridge
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    I feel like most “superpowers” are very relative and subjective. To e.g. snails or even just dogs, our vision is already superpowered

  73. Intelligenkeit
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    i see too much of your face and too little of the animals

  74. janusz delondre
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    7:28, although "hone in" makes more sense, the correct phrase is "home in."

  75. Najwa Laylah
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    Sci Show: the animal kingdom Humans: *our kingdom*

  76. Napoléon I Bonaparte
    Napoléon I Bonaparte
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    "Catfish are bottom-dwellers..." Catfish are top-catchers as well, Michael.

  77. Heg
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    1:56 hardware accelerated

  78. Trebor Xonk
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    When a bear makes their own vlog let me know. 🤫😷

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    Evolution is Awesome

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    Smelling someone's feet from a great distance? Nope. Thanks 😆

  82. N. Nic
    N. Nic
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    I was ready to say how the video has outdated mantis shrimp info but instead it's up to date. Shouldn't have doubted ya, SciShow crew!

    1. Awwkaw
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      I ended up having to delete my comment on it. Great to see them keeping up 8-}

  83. Shanley Shoupe
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  84. Brandon Garrett
    Brandon Garrett
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    Wait. . . Did I just learn the secret to catching all the catfish!? Sweet...

    1. Peter Peterson
      Peter Peterson
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      yea, basically. strong scents. live or recently dead fatty fish. fresh or smoked meats with strong flavors. Bullhead like pork, channel cat like garlic scents, and flat head like live palm size bluegill.

  85. SgtMarty
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    Octopuses don't have tentacles... they have arms.

  86. Jess Austin
    Jess Austin
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    Id like to say thank you to this channell for consistently making content. I watch youtube every night and scishow always has a suggestion ive never seen. Unlike some channels i wont mention...(*coughs vsauce)

    1. Jess Austin
      Jess Austin
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      *coughs veritasium

  87. aptom203
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    Surprised you din't go into thermosensors on pit vipers or lateral line electrosensors on fish

  88. Jeff X. Mink
    Jeff X. Mink
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    I really like this host, but I don't remember his name. If only there were something in this video that had his name on it so I could remember.

    1. SgtMarty
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      Michael's name is in the notes under the video.

  89. Space Voyager
    Space Voyager
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    Circular polarised light? That's a new one for me...

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    my back HURTS
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    I love watching nature so many people don’t

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  92. aash syed
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    we can be better than all of these if we are good enough

  93. sheamus
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    I'm not surprised 3/5 are aquatic species, they've had a lot longer to evolve down there

  94. Ben McReynolds
    Ben McReynolds
    Muaj më parë

    Imagine if we could see ultraviolet light like a caribou, we could sense electric impulses from muscle twitches from living animals like sharks can. Have multiple brain's like a octopus and smell and taste with each limb, ecolocation in the dark like bats, night vision like cats with pupils with 2 lenses for light to bounce off of. Have gripping hands like gecko's, spider web powers, I mean the list goes on. I love biology. And that wasn't even touching on extremophiles and the amazing stuff they are capable of doing. Or deep sea organisms and what they are able to do. It's unbelievable. Life is amazing.

  95. firelizard2
    Muaj më parë

    Question: is it still "taste" when it's not to do with the mouth? I get that it's chemoreceptors either way, but is there no additional implication with the word "taste" as opposed to "sense", "detect", or some other term? Does it have to do with detecting chemicals specifically related to food? And how does it differ from smell, in contexts other than gustatory and olfactory systems?

    1. Olly
      Muaj më parë

      Well, the chemoreceptors in your tongue compared to the ones in your nose are different. The chemoreceptors on your tongue aka your taste buds are made to detect chemicals in an aqueous solution, so it makes sense a catfish tastes as its chemoreceptors are probably the same kind as on our tongue and isn't part of its olfactory system which is a prerequisite for something to be called smelling, at least according to Merriam-Webster. That being said I think scientists just say catfish "detects" chemicals when they are writing a paper. The real question however is why in the world I just spend 15 minutes researching this and writing this comment

  96. Pablo Dono
    Pablo Dono
    Muaj më parë

    It would be really funnnie to hear a review about humans such as this being told by an animals.. Something like: humans.. Yes again humans.. We spoke before about their long running capabilities, their transpiration ability, their weird knees that allow them not only to walk and run but also go climb but today we will tell you about a super power of them you never heard of: reasoning... 😂😂😂

    1. Wendy Alberto
      Wendy Alberto
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      We can also taste with our balls.

    2. Hyperspace Jester
      Hyperspace Jester
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      😂 Inaccurate information. You're implying that _all_ humans are capable of reasoning... this comment section alone disproves that. 😂

  97. Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown
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    The Mantis Shrimp would have seen that it was a blue and black dress.

  98. John Staggs
    John Staggs
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    DA BEARS.....

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    Michael Allen Bailey
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    When can i buy his merch

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    Joshua Benedict
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    How about 6th and 7th senses. Electromagnetic sensory functionality.