Bones Began as Mineral Batteries

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Today, bones hold us up. But for ancient jawless fishes, bones may have been a way to store energy for long journeys. Plus, new research indicated that hippos and cetaceans may have evolved their aquatic traits separately.
Hosted by: Hank Green
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    I love how subtitles for "Yes, BLOOD SWEAT" are in capital letters.

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    A stealth eons episode I see

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    Wish I could be as enthusiastic about most things as Hank is about teaching, he makes learning fun.

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    You can't tease a Hippo like you can a dophin; they're notoriously thin-skinned. ('S'why they kill so many people. Most common last words of hippo victims " sheesh! Can't you take a joke?")

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    Everything in body contains nutrients. Explanation sounds stupid.

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    So this is how I learn that hippos don't have ball sacs.

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  10. Einstein WasRight
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    In biology there is no "phosphorous" (highly chemically reactive), only "phosphate", which is the most abundant intracellular anion.

  11. Louisa MacMullen
    Louisa MacMullen
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    Wait. Where do fish make there blood or any other non tetrapod without bone marrow?

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    The segue is strong with this one.

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    Did you know that calcium is a metal?

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    This video had me looking up hippo testies...never thought I'd say that

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    Dave Christiansen is overrated.

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    Bones keep you from leaving snail tracks on linoleum floors.

  17. sarah davis
    sarah davis
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    I need someone to sit me down and explain to me why this episode wasn't named "A half-whale-half-hippo used to roam the Earth unchecked."

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    Thanks Dave

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    This is just everyday endocrinology

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    Strange, Id never thought Hippos and Whales affiliated in a way.

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    Goddamn Nutrient Hoarders.

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    Looking forward to the video on legs

  28. Dave Holls
    Dave Holls
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    "Fish started making bones like ours because they stored nutrients"... as if the fish noticed our bones stored nutrients and decided to make their bones do the same thing 🤦‍♂️

  29. Vincent Pellegrino
    Vincent Pellegrino
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    Fascinating report. Thank you to you and your team.

  30. MarcAFK
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    Is the video description accurate? It mentions bones being used to store energy for long journeys. Which wasn't mentioned in teh video at all. It looks like the person writing the description was taking the term "mineral battery" literally.

  31. Skylar's Terrible Memes
    Skylar's Terrible Memes
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    i wonder if i could use osteolysis to make my skeletal structure more feminine lol

  32. Ethelred Hardrede
    Ethelred Hardrede
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    " Really bad title, Bone began as STORAGE for minerals. A battery is a set of guns. And later became a set of cells. Please use right words as this not mere semantics.

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    Imagine having the title "President of Space".

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    0:49 All hail Hypno-fish.

  37. #1 Tako
    #1 Tako
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    Now you've got me wondering just what kind of land dwelling lifestyle the hippo-cetacean ancestor was living to help prime its ancestors to aquatic lifestyles in separate ways?

  38. sara
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  42. keir farnum
    keir farnum
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    The book “The Body Electric” discusses the piezoelectric properties of bones extensively.

  43. OscarThe419
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    Did Hank just say "SCROTUMLESS TESTES?" How??

  44. Al To
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    Buen video, si el adn, los huesos y otras piezas del cuerpo biológico de animales es piezoeléctrico, entonces estas máquinas de proteína podrían hacer lo que en one piece con la tribu de mink, sin mencionar que si la Anguila eléctrica sus huesos tuvieran esto y hasta otras tecnologías, sería mayor la capacidad voltaiva de almacenamiento y descarga, sugerencia.

    1. Al To
      Al To
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      Si en teoría no a descargas pero si energía, la resistencia canina y forma de procesar comidas y otros, sería muy resistente el animal, pues sería músculos y huesos, sin mencionar que podría haber más, sugerencia parece que se acercan a ver puntos comunes evolutivos de adn.

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    Me, wanting to support the channel I watch the most but having one of the most devalued currencies of late (meaning even 5USD is a lot of money here): I wish I could, alas, I cannot ='( If you're curious, I'm from Brazil sadly

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    6:16 Fish knew how to make bones because they knew in advance that they could store nutrients in them. They also knew which nutrients would be beneficial for them to store and they also knew it would be better not to evolve into human beings even though human beings would exist and then subjugate, capture and kill fish. They knew what would be beneficial for them and what would be harmful for them. They knew how to create and change their biology on a macro, cellular and atomic level so that everything went perfectly. They had complete knowledge of themselves and they were all wise. This is what I am understanding from your statement, Hank. This is what your Patreons pay for you to produce.

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  85. E Chase
    E Chase
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    Medicine assumes that having ‘high bone density’ is what prevents fractures. With ageing, part of what we lose is our “collagen matrix”. This is what makes our bones ‘bendy’ and resilient during impact such as accidents or falls. This there’s an area that needs more research. The ‘bone builder’ drugs are not actually shown to reduce hip and spinal fractures. I disturbingly high percentage of people who fall and get a broken hip, will never walk properly again. Mortality shoots up in the 1-year window, post injury.

  86. james white
    james white
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    1. Pat The Plant
      Pat The Plant
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      Victorian lady to Zookeeper: "Is that a lady hippo or a gentleman hippo?" Zookeeper (who had no clue which it is): "That, Madam, should only be of concern to another hippo!"

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    I like short videos but I love comments that summarize the whole video more

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    0:46 Oh wow! That's my Bothriolepis! Thank you @SciShow for featuring Yara Haridy's breakthrough study on bone evolution! So stoked!!!

      Muaj më parë

      @keir farnum "stoked" is mos definitely in the scientific lexicon, but that being said, I'm an artist. I talk how I want 👹 Glad yall like the art!! Mad honored to have it included.

    2. Rebecca Yu
      Rebecca Yu
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      i love the absolute unit thank you

    3. Jeuro38
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      Stunning art man, hats off!

    4. keir farnum
      keir farnum
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      Is “stoked” the technical academic terminology used in paleoevolutionary biology? 😉

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    Geez hank you aged like 10 years love ya bro take a week off.

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    Why is this called Scishow? No science here, only speculation, imagination, belief. Some facts about existing life biology then the always crazy attempts to tie it to some kind of evolution. Its always that way. Because there is never any proof. In fact modern knowledge of micro and molecular biology proves the opposite, and THAT is science..

    1. jaymz1999
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      @boboraxo The fact of Evolution did not change one bit from any of that. What are you suggesting?

    2. boboraxo
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      @jaymz1999 My comment is not a suggestion, it is facts, a few of many, that prove evolution is not a fact. Here is the only fact that matters: natural random events cannot generate complex molecules required for life, no matter the scenario. Impossible and that's a fact. No one knows what the first simplest life form was. No one knows how the first carbon based complex molecules came to be. No one knows how they became more complex molecules that interacted with other complex molecules to become functional in some primitive manner. No one knows how that progressed to eventual primitive coded DNA that guides reproduction. No one knows......until that is known and reproduced in the lab, which should be easy given the ideal pristine conditions not found in hostile nature, then virtually everything about evolution is pure speculation. Belief. Not fact. Not knowledge. Like dinosaurs to birds, absurd. Proof that no one knows:

    3. jaymz1999
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      Are you suggesting Evolution is not a fact?

    Muaj më parë

    Creationists should have bring the bone as an example instead of the eye, it's much more interesting, incredible and fascinating.